Presenting Instagram Reels

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We’re excited to introduce Instagram Reels, a brand-new platform for producing and finding amusing short videos on Instagram at

Reels encourages you to make entertaining videos that you can post on Instagram and share with your friends. 15-second multi-clip films can be recorded and edited using new creative tools, audio, and effects. Reels can be shared with your Feed followers as well as the larger Instagram community through a new Explore area if you have a public account at

Anyone can become an Instagram creator and reach new audiences worldwide with Reels in Explore at

How it functions

Making Reels

At the base of the Instagram camera, select Reels. To assist you in creating your reel, the left side of your screen will display a number of creative editing options, such as:

  • Audio : Use Instagram’s music library to find a song. Moreover, you can record a reel using your own unique audio. Your audio will be credited to you when you post a reel with original audio, and if you have a public account, anyone can use your audio to make reels by choosing to “Use Audio” from your reel at
  • AR Impacts:Choose from a variety of effects in our effect collection, which was produced by Instagram as well as global creators, to record several films with various effects at
  • Timer and Countdown: To record any of your clips without using your hands, set the timer. A 3-2-1 countdown will appear once you hit record, and then the duration of the recording will start at the time you chose at
  • Align: To help create smooth transitions for situations like changing outfits or adding new pals to your reel, line up objects from your previous clip before filming your next.
  • Speed: Select the portion of the chosen video or audio to speed up or slow down. Using this, you may create slow motion videos or maintain a beat¬†

Reels can be recorded in one long clip, in multiple clips at once, or by uploading videos from your collection. With the capture button depressed and held, record the first clip. As you record, a progress indicator will appear at the top of the screen. To conclude each clip, stop the recording.

distributing reels

Instagram Reels
Instagram Reels

Reels allows you to post content with your followers and make yourself visible to Explore’s large and diverse Instagram community at

If your account is public, you can post your reel to a specific area in Explore, where it may be viewed and found by other users on Instagram. By adding your reel to your Feed, you can also share it with your followers. Reels that you publish with specific music, hashtags, or effects may also show up on specific pages when a user clicks on one of those items at

If you have a private account on Instagram, Reels respects your privacy settings. To make your reel visible just to your followers, you can share it on Feed. Original audio from your reels cannot be used by anybody, and sharing your reels with non-followers is not permitted at

When your reel is prepared, navigate to the share screen to save a draft, edit the cover photo, add a description and hashtags, and tag friends. Your reel will be available to the public on a distinct Reels tab on your profile once you have shared it. Though you can choose to have it removed, your reel will show up on your main profile grid if you additionally publish to your Feed

You can share your reel with your Story, close friends, or via direct messaging if you have a public or private account. Should you choose to do this, your reel will function similarly to a standard Story; it won’t be shared to Reels in Explore, it won’t show up on your profile, and it will vanish after a day at

Observing Reels

Instagram Reels
Instagram Reels

The greatest of Instagram’s trending culture is featured in Reels in Explore. Explore an engaging assortment of reels created by users on Instagram, presented in a personalized vertical feed. It’s simple to like, remark on, or share a reel with others if you adore it at

Additionally, there are reels that have the designation “Featured.” You’ll get a notification if Explore includes your reel. Instagram has selected a selection of public reels, known as featured reels, to assist you in finding original content that we hope will inspire and amuse you.

Reels gives users new avenues for self-expression, allows them to explore more of their passions on Instagram, and elevates anybody who aspires to be a creator.

See our Help Center for additional details on Reels.

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